The PM of Canada wants to pardon a man imprisoned for homosexuality


George Klippert is now the last man who was chased by law just for being gay. He received a life imprisonment for his sexual orientation in 1965, when homosexual relationships were not legalized in Canada yet. The current prime minister of Canada Justin Trudeau, who represents himself as a supporter of LGBT community, admitted that he is intended to pardon Klippert posthumously on the official level

Yesterday (February 28) Trudeau gave an open statement in which he said that the case of Klippert was nothing but an intention of the former Canadian government to discriminate sexual minorities. “As Canadians, we know that protecting and promoting fundamental human rights must be an imperative for governments and individuals alike”, the prime minister added. He said that Canada as a country is very strong because of its diversity, not in spite of it.

Justin Trudeau plans to attend the gay pride in Toronto this year. It is not the first time he attends gay pride in Toronto, but it is the first time he does it as the prime minister (And by the way, he is the first Canadian prime minister ever who plans to attend such an event(


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