A baker from Texas refused to bake a cake for a same-sex couple


Ben Valenica and Luis Marmolejo walked into the bake shop, they asked about the price for a wedding cake. The baker asked who the cake was for. But when the men told that they wanted a cake for themselves, for their own wedding, the answer they received was absolutely unexpected and rude. The baker said that they don’t prepare cakes for homosexual couples. “It violates my faith” the baker added.

“It made us feel dehumanized. People shouldn’t have to worry about going into a business, especially a public business that serves the public, and have to worry about being turned away for something, for who you are.”, said Ben, one of the grooms-to-be.

Edie Delorme, the business owner, probably won’t be sued, because Texas is one of the states of the USA where laws against LGBT people’s discrimination are not so strict.


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