A postgrad student expelled for being against gay marriages


Felix Ngole specialized on the social work. But when the administration of the university read his Facebook comments, which showed that he is strongly against same-sex marriages, they considered that a person with such social position is not allowed to b a social worker . In the expelling letter sent to the student they admitted that the reason of expelling him from the University is not his opinion about gay marriages itself, it is expression of this opinion publicly which may be considered by some group of people as an offensive conduct and does not represent him as a good social worker.

Ngole is going to appeal the decision and if it fails, he says that he is absolutely ready for a full legal challenge. He claims, that he never said that he is against same-sex relationships and he is absolutely not against people who are in these relationships. The posts he wrote on Facebook did not have a goal to humiliate or discriminate anyone, as he said. He just wanted to express his opinion.


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