Irish politician used a picture of gay dads against gay surrogacy


Gay fathers from Toronto were shocked to find their photo used by the parliamentary candidate who votes against gay surrogacy. The photo was snapped of partners BJ Barone and Frank Nelson with their newborn son Milo. A boy was born through surrogacy two years ago.

Mary Fitzgibbon had posted the photo on her Facebook account, adding the photo of a mother with a baby to the post. “Where does your ‪#‎GE16‬ candidate stand in respect of ‪#‎surrogacy4men‬? ‪#‎no2surrogacy‬” she wrote.Despite the numerous protests and requests to delete the post, Mary refused to do it and the picture remained online.

This is how the couple commented the situation to the journalists: “[The photo] became famous because of the beauty in the image and then somehow that beauty and that intimate moment for us is being taken and being used against us and the gay community. he photo speaks for itself: the expression on Frank’s face says nothing but love. It is love that makes a family, not a mother or a father. If everyone had as much love as Milo does in his life, the world would be a much happier place.Everyone should have the right to marry and have children. Love is love” .

Mary Fitzgibbon was not elected to the Irish parliament



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