Zimbabwe against gay marriages


The President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe claims that he is ready to refuse receiving aid from abroad if the worldwide community demands legalizing of gay marriages in Zimbabwe. Robert Mugabe, known for his radically homophobic social position, said ““If aid, as I understand, is to be given on the basis that we accept the principle of gay marriages, then let that aid stay were it is. We don’t want it” under those circumstances, he continued. “It is rotten aid, filthy aid, and we won’t have anything to do with it”. It is necessary to admit that these words were not the first homophobic claim of the Zimbabwean president. Celebrating his 92nd birthday he said that the society should never accept marrying men to men and women to women and gay people have no place in society

Such claims did not remain unnoticed and the president of Zimbabwe was criticized both by European community and by the citizens of his own country (who also blame Robert Mugabe for having a luxury birthday party while Zimbabwe tries to overcome the consequences of the terrible drought)


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