Discriminating LGBT can bring the economics of the whole country down


Discrimination of LGBT people hurt them a lot, that’s a fact. But the researches provided by certain European, North American and Asian universities show that it can influence not only on people themselves, but globally on the situation in their country. And not only social, but also economic.

At first sight we may not see any direct connection between sexual orientation and economics, but if to look deeper, we will see that it really exists. Is problem of homelessness harmful for economics? Definitely it is. And did you know that 40% of homeless young people in the USA are LGBT people whereas they count only 10% of the overall country population? They become victims of bullying and discrimination at home, even from their own parents, so they run away, destroying not only their life, but also economics.

The rates of poverty, food insecurity and joblessness are higher among LGBT people, because due to homophobia they are often not allowed to find prestigious job and even to receive good education.

At a macro level, the cost to a country’s economy can be counted in the billions. According to a pilot study conducted for the World Bank last year, discrimination against LGBT people in India could be costing that country’s economy up to $32 billion a year in lost economic output. So accepting LGBT-protecting law governments care not only about LGBT people – they care about economic stability.


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