Not all LGBT people of UK want to stay in EU


The United Kingdom still doubts about what decision to make – to go out of the European Union or to stay in it. People’s opinion about it will be asked the 23rd of June on the referendum. It is known that 60% of the UK population want their country to remain in EU, but there are those who think that it is better for the country to leave.

The “Out and proud” group, which does not belong to any political party, has a mission to bring together all the LGBT people of Britain to reach the goal of being off the EU. The members of the group admit that many goals were reached already – the legalisation of homosexuality, an equal age of consent, civil partnerships, same-sex marriage, the right to adopt, equal access to IVF and the right to change your legal gender. However they completely deny the role of the European Union in it. ‘It was a work of the British government’, they claim ‘and the membership in EU does not help gay people in anything. There are EU countries who still don’t recognize gay people officially’

It is too early now to make conclusions, the referendum will show everything


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