Switzerland does not want anti-gay laws to be accepted


The initiative, backed by the Christian Democratic People’s Party (PDC) was rejected the 28th of February. This initiative was an attempt to forbid same-gender couples to get married in future. But the Swiss electorate voted against it.

The PDC claimed with the initiative against ‘penalty marriages’ a few years ago. It was framed as an attempt to end fiscal inequality among married couples, but the definition of the word ‘marriage’ provided in it is enough to mark this initiative as anti-gay, because according to it only a union of a man and a women can be called marriage.

Joyce Hamilton, Co-Chair of ILGA-Europe’s Executive Board, commented that Swiss people saw an anti-gay sentiment masquerading as a tax reform and did not want to be a part of it. “The run-up to this vote was a stressful time for our member organisations and LGBTI activists in Switzerland – it is wonderful to see that their great work has paid off. Their campaign helped voters to understand the issues at stake, illustrated that it was not all about taxes and warned people of the inequality they could be voting for unintentionally”, he continued.


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