The Seychelles are legalizing gay relationships


Right now homosexuality in the Seychelles is chased by law and a man can be imprisoned for 14 years for making love with another man. But the government of the country promises to remove this law till the end of this year.

This African country, situated on 115 islands, always had very conservative laws, but now everything is changing and the overwhelming majority of 93-thousand population agrees to stop chasing homosexuality by law. The Seychelles cabinet gathered this Monday (February 29) to discuss excluding the punishment for homosexuality from the country’s Penal Code. This will bring the nation in line with the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, which requires protection against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

The President of the country James Michel says that changing the law is a very big step for people to be free from discrimination on any ground. ‘Seychelles was committed in 2011 to review the law on homosexuality and this had not been done. Britain questions us saying that we have not made progress on this issue.’, adds The Seychelles Secretary of State at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs


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