Anti-LGBT bill voted down in West Virginia


The ‘religious freedom’ bill which aimed to make it legal to let the small business owners discriminate sexual minorities was rejected. Senators voted down HB 4012, known as ‘Religious Freedom Protection Act,’ by a vote of 27-7 on Wednesday (2 March). The bill had passed the House in a 72-26 vote.

The human right compaign admits that such a bill will bring LGBT people to risk of being discriminated in every sphere of life. But it’s only one win. HRC and other organizations are now tracking nearly 200 anti-LGBT laws in 32 states. People who represent HRC don’t deny that there is a lot of work for them to do fighting against homophobia and discrimination. People can be fired from their jobs (or it is impossible for them to receive any job a all) just because they are gay. But they truly believe that they will reach their main goal – tolerance and equality.


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