Canada approves new HIV prevention method for gay men


Canada will be the third country in the world which will approve the brand new method of HIV prevention which was already tagged as revolutionary in the whole medical history. The new Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis remedy decreases chances to be infected with HIV if it is taken every day. USA and France already made the drug available for people who are at risk. And gay people belong to the risk group of being infected with HIV. Other countries, among which are Israel and the United Kingdom, take it into consideration.

“The drug is intended for use by high risk individuals – such as those whose sexual partner is HIV positive – in combination with safer sex practises, including condom use.” – says the Health Canada spokeperson. The pill is not so cheap, but the specialists say that it is much more expensive to treat a person who already has HIV than to prevent it with these pills.

Opponents of the drug warn it may wrongly be seen as an alternative to condoms given it is not 100 percent offective – with the first documented case last month of a man contracting HIV while on PrEP.


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