Coming out or a joke?


The formula One driver Jaime Alguersuari posted a picture of himself passionately kissing a man in his Instagram on February 27. ‘Yes i am gay!!!! Hahahajajaajajaja’ – the caption on the photo says. It is a mystery what this ‘hahahaha’ actually means. Is it a joy of confessing publicly or just laughing at everybody, including himself? The man kissed by Jaime on the picture is a marketer, his name is Isra García. He also posted the picture of the kiss in his Instagram account, signing it “I am gay too, but sometimes I like women’. We don’t know what was the real purpose of these posts. If guys really wanted to confess in their orientation and in their feelings to each other in public, we can congratulate them. And if they just wanted to attract attention, we can congratulate them too, because they succeeded in it completely .


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