The President of Senegal refuses to legalize gay relationships


‘Homosexuality will never be legalized under the Senegalese sun’, claims Macky Sall in his open statement. He responded a criticism towards a point on secularism in his draft constitution, which will be put to a referendum in May. This caused a big fear among Senegalese people, the overwhelming majority of which are living under conservative Muslim law and refuse homosexuality, that same-sex relationships may be legalized in Senegal. But the President of the country said that these fears are unreasonable because it will never happen under his authority.

Gay sex is sued by the law of the former French colony as an act against nature and are punished by by up to five years in prison and fines of up to US$2,500. Eleven men accused of having gay sex were arrested in December. And in August, seven men were jailed for six months after being caught having sex during a police raid.


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