Straight victim of homophobes


It is hard to believe that even straight people can suffer from homophobia, but it is a sad true. The man attacked by homophobes in Toronto was straight.

This Monday (Feb. 29) Sheng Hua Yan was coming home and became a victim of a homophobic attack. Two men provoked him at first (they asked ‘Do we look gay to you?’ and receiving a positive answer started to kick him) and then hurt him physically until passers-by made them run away. The injuries received by Sheng Hua Yan were not so serious and he was able to call the police. He already described this situation on his social network account. He said that he understands now that it is not necessary to belong to LGBT to suffer from homophobia. He is not gay himself, but he knows people who are gay and the situation made him worry a lot about their health and life


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