A man in Sheffield became a victim of homophobia


Ryan Cox had to suffer from a verbal abuse in the takeout restaurant. He ordered 2 items but only one was received. When he said to the waiter to bring him his other order, humiliation began. ‘[They] started calling me a faggot, a batty boy, a gay boy. Telling me I probably have AIDS, and… I’m not normal, …and apparently I just wanna “get bum raped.”’ – writes Ryan on his Facebook. The people in the restaurant did not react anyhow when Cox said that he was going to tell about it out loud for nobody ever to have a deal with the restaurant. The owner of the restaurant denies a verbal abusing o9f Cox, he said that there just was a conflict because of the order, which ended with rude words from the employee (in other words, he says that Ryan was the person who humiliated, not the one who had been humiliated): ‘As soon as I gave him more food, he called me a “Paki bastard” and an “ISIS bastard,” When he called me a “Paki” bastard that’s when I realized he was trying to be racist with me. I have nothing against the gays. Aa few of my mates are gay. Loads of customers are gay. A few gays who know me told me he’s an idiot’. Cox already answered this accusation: “It is not true. I despise racism. I know what it means to be discriminated, So I would never do it to anyone else’ he claims.


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