The first open same-sex wedding in Cyprus


Marios Frixou and Fanos Eleftheriades became the first gay couple who got married officially in Cyprus. It is necessary to admit that Cyprus is a deeply religious country, the Orthodox church has a very strong influence there, that is why the attitude to homosexuality is mostly negative and it stopped being a crime much later (1998) than in any other European country. But the Cypriot LGBT activists never stopped fighting for their rights and finally they reached the main goal – in November 2015 gay marriages were legalized.

Marios and Fanos were not exactly the first married gay couple in the country. But they are the first gay couple whose wedding ceremony was open, they did not hide their names from public. The husbands are saying that they never though about hiding – they have a purpose to give more courage for other gay couples for them not to be ashamed of who they are.


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