Ian Watkins’ double joy


Ian Watkins (also known as H from Steps) announced in his social network account that he and his partner Craig Ryder became fathers. Two baby boys were born the 6th of March, they are healthy and the fathers are happy, proud and ‘totally & utterly in Love!’ as Ian says in Twitter.

This news is incredible and this is not a surprise – the couple had announced their future fatherhood in December by means of the YouTube video which told the story of their relationships from the very beginning till that ‘biggest adventure of their lives’. “Together we’ve been on lots of adventures. But our biggest adventure is about to begin!”, “For a long time we have been wishing, and our wish is about to come true! We are going to be dads!!! There’s more… it’s twins!!!”, “Our dream is about to come true” – said Ian and Craig in the video. .

Now this dream came true already and we are joining to the congratulation to the happy fathers.


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