The victim of the homophobic attack has committed a suicide


Mitchell Pope was a victim of the homophobic attack in 2014. His head was crushed with a hammer. ‘By the grace of God he was alive’, said his mother describing that terrible day, ‘but then we started to notice changes in his behavior’. The family stands on the opinion that a head injury received by Mitchell led to terrible consequences. The mother and the aunt claim that Pope had a very serious mental disorder which made him jump from the window on the third store the 17th of January this year. Before he died he behaved really strange – people who knew him during that period characterize his behavior as delusional and paranoid, he was sure that he had superpowers, and it all tells about serious psychical problems which might have appeared after the head injury. The police found drugs in the blood of the dead man, but his relatives insist that it was rather one of the consequences, but not the reason. ‘The people who assaulted Mitchell in 2014 should be charged and punished as murderers, but the police do not do enough for it’ – says Mitchell’s mother.The police refuses to comment the situation


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