Kiss on the hockey match


The match between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Detroit Redwings took place on Sunday (March 6). But there was a moment which made people on the match focus their attention on the tribune instead of the game itself. Two people were kissing and at first sight nothing seemed unusual (even though they were both men), but this case caused a great resonance in the audience. Two kissing men were fans of rival teams. Some have commented asking the meaning behind the kiss, some suggesting it was “between bros”, or that it was a game of “gay chicken”.
One user of Reddit wrote, “When I saw this I was so confused. My first thought was that they were a gay couple but then I was like why wouldnt they have seats together? And then I saw the sweaters I was like wtf… All in a split second. I really wanna know [sic] we need them to do an AMA.”


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