Prince William and his wife are fighting with suicides


The royal couple are to meet with Jonny Benjamin, a mental health campaigner, who is going to explain them the issues surrounding suicide. The gay campaigner is planning to tell William and Kate about the importance of a positive role model for people with mental health disorders to prevent them from committing a suicide. People can stand up and scream out loud that they bet cancer, for example, but it is much harder for people to stand up and to scream out loud about having mental health disorders, and this is the first thing to be changed. Johnny Benjamin made an attempt to commit a suicide 8 years ago. He was saved by the stranger and now he is not afraid to talk about what he had to go through to protect other people from repeating his own mistakes. On average 17 people a day take their own life in the UK and among the LGBT community, 44% of 16 to 24-year-olds admit to considering it.The Duke of Cambridge took part in an LGBT anti-bullying session for the Diana Award, in honour of his mother – in which he spoke out against homophobia and posed in front of pride flags.


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