LGBT Adoption and Fostering Week takes place this week


The theme of the event this year is ‘Pride in our families’. It means telling the success stories of gay parents to inspire potential LGBT adopters and foster carers. Two agencies tell stories about gay families which became full as they dreamt to.

Jamie and Simon from Yorkshire did not miss an opportunity to support seven children so far, including one seven year old boy who has even built bridges with his birth parents since gaining confidence under the care of Jamie and Simon. Jamie said: “We were relatively young and none of our friends had children yet, but we knew we were ready.”

32-year-old Darren Sharpe decided to join the Heath Farm fostering family in 2012 after figuring out that his sexual orientation wouldn’t be an obstacle to foster caring. Since then, he’s been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis but the family still fosters a 12 year old boy who has Global Developmental Delay. Darren said: “With our care, he’s been able to focus on tasks and has discovered talents he didn’t know he had. He has even started to call us Dad – which has been one of those moments where you feel so rewarded.”


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