The church in California would rather cancel Easter than pray with gays


California‘s Police Chaplain Jim Reid organized the Easter Sunrise Service to celebrate the rebirth of Christ, but there was one circumstance which did not allow him to turn the wish into reality. By an accident the organizer has invited people he would not like to see there – an LGBT-includive church. And the chaplain decided to ‘correct’ his mistake in a very radical way – by cancelling the event at all.

“We are diametrically different in our view of scripture when it comes to homosexuality.” tells Reid to the Reverend Terri Miller. He explains that the event is cancelled because the “transforming message” of Easter “will be overshadowed as a result of the well-publicized clergy invitations.” “I felt it would defeat the purpose of having it,” he said. “I didn’t think it would bring glory and honor to God. I was in favor of cancelling.”

For that statement, The Stockton Police Department placed Reid on leave and then fired him.


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