Lloyds Bank’s new TV ad features a gay proposal


The main slogan of the new commercial is ‘For your next step’. It tells a few stories when people have to deal with making serious and painful decisions, there is something that makes them hesitate and stop on the halfway. And then the horse as a symbol of the bank appears. The clip also prominently features a same-sex couple in the midst of a proposal, in the middle of a crowded street – who are also shown embracing towards the end.
The bank intends to go big with the new campaign – with ads also set to go out across cinemas, print ads and outdoor billboards. One such still ad features the same-sex couple with the words: “He said yes”. The marketing director of the bank says that the commercial is tended to focus the attention on the challenging moments of their customers’ life letting them know that the bank is on their side and they can count on the bank’s support. In recent years, many businesses have produced pro-LGBT ad campaigns- but such ads are not always put into heavy circulation, often resorting to attracting attention online.


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