Acid thrown into face just for being gay


58-year-old Jimmy Sinclair was walking to a friend’s house on the afternoon of February 20 when a teenager attacked him. “My face started burning and my skin was peeling off,” he recalls. “It was like my skin was frothing. I knew I had to wash the liquid off my face quickly so I rushed home as fast as I could.”

After washing the acid off, Sinclair raced himself to the hospital, where a doctor informed him that the acid reached his eyes and he may lose the eyesight. .

“It was definitely a homophobic hate crime without a shadow of a doubt,” says Gary, Jimmy’s partner. He says that the teenager was chasing Jimmy – at least Gary saw him near his partner already. The teenager was arrested and set free on bail. Jimmy says that after the attack he is afraid to go out of the house.


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