Botswana’s Court of Appeals did not allow the government to ban the gay right group


According to the decision of the Botswana’s top court’s decision the group LEGABIBO (lesbians, gays and bisexuals of Botswana) must be registered and refusing them to do it will be against the law.

The government has no right to forbid the LGBT organisations to unite and to fight for their rights. Botswana is one of the few countries in the world where sex between women is technically outlawed along with sex between men. Gay sex has always been a crime in Botswana and a person who has committed this kind of ‘crime’ may be sentenced up to 7 years of imprisonment. But the moods are changing – nowadays the overwhelming majority of population confirms that they have nothing against gay people.

That is why the LGBT group of Botswana intended to register – they think that there is a chance to get some legal protection of LGBT community in Botswana. And the decision of the court of appeals tells us that there really is such a chance. We are very very excited by the Court of Appeal finally ruling in our favour, that LEGABIBO has the right to register as an association with the framework of the Botswana Constitution,’ an activist with the group told The Botswana Gazette.


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