Japanese company will offer wedding service for LGBT tourists


Ahsh Inc., founded in Osaka in 1986, has informed on the official website that they want LGBT people to discover Japanese culture and to make their weddings unique and unforgettable.

apanese omentanashi (hospitality) is world-famous and this generous spirit pervades wedding services in Japan too. We are pleased and proud to be able (to) share long-nurtured tradition with couples from all over the world.’ says the president of the company.

Four wedding packages will be allowed for LGBT couples. The traditional wedding at a Japanese shrine, a ‘Machiya’ wedding at a traditional wooden townhouse, a ‘Noh’ (traditional theatre) wedding at a UNESCO site and a new-age ‘Samurai’ wedding which allows for couples to be dressed up as movie stars. These wedding packages, as assured by the company, will cater to the wardrobe requirements of LGBTI individuals

Gay marriage is illegal in Japan now, but it is necessary to admit that the country is moving towards the marriage equality accepting on the legal level. According to the polls provided by the country’s government the overwhelming majority of the Japanese population is supporting marriage equality.


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