Sally Field says that parents who do not accept their LGBT kids terrify her


Actress Sally Field who is known as LGBT supporter gave her advice to parents who bring up LGBT kids. Sally is a mother of gay son and she knows like nobody else how it feels when your child comes out to you. She admits that it is not so easy, but at the same time she does not excuse and does not understand and does not excuse those parents who let their own prejudices and stereotypes change their opinion about their own children telling them that homosexuality is against God and nature.

When her son came out to her, she saw that it was difficult for himself to accept his own sexuality. He had a conflict with himself, so a conflict with his mother was probably the last thing he needed. So Sally had no choice except to welcome his son for him to welcome himself the way he is. ‘It’s not against nature if nature has actually done this. Sam was always Sam, this wonderful human that he is, from the time he was born… Some people actually shut their children out of the house when they’re young, they’re teenagers—they’re having a hard enough time to be teenagers and own any part of sexuality. I’m still trying to figure it out!’ she says


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