The wedding bureau offers its service for gay Indians


As we informed our readers recently, an attempt to legalize homosexual relationships in India has failed again. But it does not mean that Indians agree with it. An Indian entrepreneur has started a business setting up arranged same-sex marriages for gay Indians. Gay Indian businessman Benhur Samson, who now lives in Chicago, launched the bold venture, setting up arranged marriages for gay couples. He says that there are people who look for their partners from India to arrange the ceremony

The scheme costs $5,000 – a gargantuan sum for most Indians – but Mr Samson claims it is refunded if no suitable match is found. Benhur adds ‘ We have received around 250 inquiries and around 24 people are enrolled with us. We are in the process of identifying the right match for them. We take a couple of months to know the person and only then begin the process”


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