There are no less LGBT people in Uganda than in other countries


Homosexuality is against the law in Uganda, but according to the newest study the number of gays, lesbians and bisexuals in this country is no lees than anywhere else, even in those countries where homosexuality is legal.

The survey was provided among 3000 students who were asked different kinds of questions. From the questions on sexual orientation, physical and mental health, the study found that one in three of the respondents had been in love with a person of the same gender In addition, the study found that 6-8 percent of men, and 10-16 percent had been sexually active with someone of the same gender.

The Associate Professor in Global Health at Lund University says that they [the organisers of the research] are not surprised, they expected such results. She adds that they truly hope that the results of the research will be helpful for LGBT people in preventing violence and discrimination they have to suffer from.


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