Gay couple from UK tells their adoption success story


Jack, Paul and their 10-year-old son Arron live in London. They are a really happy family, but this happiness was not so easy to reach. Their adoption journey has started when the boy was 7. Jack, was working in the school for deaf children as a sign language interpreter and little Arron was one of the pupils. He was fostered by the term of the foster caring was close to the end, the boy needed a family. So Jack and Paul started to collect the necessary documents to adopt him.

As two happy fathers tell in their interview to the ‘Attitude’ magazine, social workers do everything to make an adoption process harder for gay couples (at least they did so three years ago, now, thanking to the government, the situation slightly began to change), but they were lucky to deal with an amazing adoption worker who tried her best for little Arron to become their son.

They say that when their son came to them, they had to teach him everything. But now the boy feels absolutely happy and adores to communicate with people (among the family’s friends there is one more same-sex family). Arron adores his 2 dads and they adore him, there is no problem for a boy to grow up in such a family. Moreover, the boy’s brother was also adopted by a same-sex couple (Jack and Paul are now trying to find them).

Paul and Jack give a piece of advice to everybody who wants to adopt: of course, almost every potential adopter imagines himself caring about a newborn. But if a child is older and understands everything, it does not mean that he or she will never be really yours. And if a child has any kind of disability, there is no reason top rule them out. They deserve a family no less than others and can bring their families a lot of happiness.


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