Matthew Rhys is grateful that his character’s coming out was not shown


Matthew Rhys, known for the role of Kevin Walker in the ABC TV drama ‘Brothers and sisters’, says that he is really thankful that the plot did not include the storyline of Kevin’s coming out. Matthew says that this is how it should be in real life – Kevin is gay, he does not hide it, he goes through happiness and sorrow, love and cheating, like any other person. He never struggles with being gay and there is no extra attention to it.

The show, which also starred Sally Field, Calista Flockhart, Dave Annable and Rachel Griffiths, ended in 2011 – a full five years before marriage equality was to take place across the US. Rhys says that he (and all the cast) really owes the writers for the fantastic result they reached and for the great job which they have done to reach it. . ‘If I’m a small cog in that, which I am, I’m very happy.’ he says.


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