Stephen Fry is nominated for a religious broadcasting award


A famous writer who expressed his opinion towards religion openly, will be awarded for this. In one of his speeches Fry said that ‘God is an evil maniac’. Of course, the Christian activists reacted on this speech in a negative way. Archbishop Justin Welby insisted that Fry has all rights to say what he says and to fight for his opinion as well as Christians have a right to fight for their.

Mr Fry has this week been announced as a nominee for the 2016 Sandford St Martins Awards – set to be held at Lambeth Palace in June. The Awards, chaired by the Bishop of Leeds, aim to “promote thought-provoking, distinctive programming that engages with religion of all faiths, ethics or morality”.

Fry says that he is glad that his words made people talk. He did not want to affront believers who are keeping their faith and the moral laws. Moreover, they are grateful to him for making people talk and think.


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