Adam Lambert explains why he won’t play Frank-N-Furter


Adam Lambert was offered to play Frank-N-Furter in in the upcoming remake of Rocky Horror Picture Show. But he turned down the offer saying that playing trans character is inappropriate for him. In 1970s, when the original version appeared, the situation was different, but now there are good trans actors who can cope with the role fantastically. Adam has a lot of trans friends and thinks that they would not accept the fact that a non-trans person plays such a role. ‘It’s dicey. I think they made a really bold, refreshing choice on that,’ he says. ‘It’s very forward-thinking and it feels very right now, which is going to make this remake really interesting.’

But Adam likes the idea itself and till wants to take part in the project. “When they started announcing the cast, I said, “Wait a minute — what about Eddie? I wanna play Eddie! I could do that — that’s like one song. Let me just come in and do a bit part!” Because I really, really wanted to be a part of it. I’m a big fan of the original movie, and [director] Kenny Ortega’s a lovely guy. And then I heard that Cisco Adler was producing the music and thought, oh, this is gonna be good. So, I went in and I recorded my songs already. I did my vocals, and they turned out really cool. Now I’m going in for a week in April, in Toronto, to film.’ says the singer.


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