Gay man runs half-marathon for Guinness book of records


Rex Woodbury. was the only runner who ran a half-marathon in New York City last weekend wearing a business suit. The 22-year-old Woodbury, who ran middle distances for the Dartmouth College track team, finished the race in 1:18:40. The previous record of 1:24:41 was set in 2012.

‘I had to take videos and photos on my phone from every mile to provide enough evidence to Guinness,’ Woodbury tells ‘It was a really fun race — I was a little uncomfortable, but the crowds made up for it. I spend so much of my time in a business suit and I thought that it would be fun to run a half-marathon in one. In a way, I suppose, it was a way to combine two of my passions — business and running — and show that it’s possible to pursue a professional career and still enjoy running and competing. I saw it as a fun personal challenge.’


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