A same-sex couple fights for their child with a surrogate mother


An American-Spanish same-sex couple opened a high-profile custody battle in Thailand for their baby girl born through surrogacy service. The surrogate mother refuses to give them the child when found out that she will be brought up in a same-sex family.

The laws of Thailand does not recognize same-sex marriages and commercial surrogacy, so that is why the couple and their baby named Carmen are still in Thailand despite the girl is 14 month old already.

“It’s the day we’ve been waiting for — for a long, long time. Today is one of the most important days of our lives,” Lake (the girl’s biological father) said outside Bangkok’s Juvenile and Family Court. “The court should give us custody of Carmen because it’s the right thing to do.”

The surrogate claimed that she hadn’t known that her (by the way, not biologically her, the donor egg was used) daughter was going to live in the same-sex family. But the agency the couple applied to for the surrogacy service testified, that the surrogate’s words are not true and she knew in advance, that the child would live in gay family. And because one of them is the girl’s father, she has all legal rights to be brought up by him and his partner.


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