James Franco is obsessed on gay culture


In the actors opinion it is very important to explore alternative narratives in the heteronormative usual. He understood it while studying at the university.

France confessed that he really likes playing gay roles and enjoys telling gay stories. Such stories, as he said, helped him not only to build a successful career, they turned out to be very helpful dating with women.

Franco has explored LGBTI narratives in at least three of the films he has directed himself – his film ‘Sal’ about the 1976 death of openly gay Rebel Without A Cause actor Sal Mineo, the short film ‘Interior, Leather Bar.’ and his 2011 film about American poet Hart Crane, ‘The Broken Tower.’ Franco has also depicted biographical gay characters on screen in the films I Am Michael, Howl and Milk and was comfortable poking fun at his penchant for taking on gay roles in his friend Seth Rogen’s apocalyptic comedy film This Is The End.


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