LGBT celebrity Christians prove that God loves everyone


LGBT people and Christian activists are close to the war – it is written in the Bible that God is against homosexuality. But it is possible to be gay, or lesbian, or bisexual, and have a strong faith in God. And even among celebrities there are people on whose example we can see that being LGBT and Christian at once is possible.

Vicky Beeching. This lovely girl America’s contemporary worship music scene firm in her hand – so much she’s been hailed as ‘the most influential Christian of her generation’. And the theology degree received in one of the top European universities only helped her in life.

Ricky Martin. A father, a musician, a believer. Being gay is not the only role he has in his life. He had to hide his sexuality from everyone, even from himself. But now it is not a secret anymore and Ricky is absolutely happy.

Miley Cyrus. The press calls her a bad girl, her name is often associated with scandals and surrounded by gossips. She is the most discussed pan sexual in the world. But she was brought up in a strict Christian tradition and does not deviate from her faith.

John Barrowman. The ‘Torchwood’ star is completely sure that homophobia is an evil, and religious organisations should not propagate it. He shows on his own example that fighting for the faith and fighting against homophobia don’t except one another. And we completely agree with him.

And it is not the whole list. There are many famous people who believe in Jesus and also believe in themselves the way they are.


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