Gay men in Morocco were violently assaulted


A video has surfaced of two gay men in Morocco being assaulted by several people. The video, apparently shot with a camera phone, shows the two men, naked, with bloody faces covered only with a sheet. The attackers attempt in the video to remove the sheet, and to drag them out into the street.Local media reports that the exact location of the attack is unknown, but it is thought that the gay men were attacked with knives by a group.
According to the LGBT group Akaliyat, the men were attacked at their home by five individuals residing in the same neighbourhood.” The group added that the attackers recorded the video as they carried out the assault, before publishing it across social networks. Akaliyat said the video showed the “insecurity” faced by LGBT people in Moroccan cities. It released a statement saying the video “reflected the proliferation of serious attacks against homosexuals”.


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