LGBT teachers are also suffering from bullying


There are many different surveys devoted to the problem of bullying at schools. Most of them are devoted to pupils. But what about teachers? Aren’t they humiliated or abused by homophobic people, sexists or racists? Of course they are, and the number of teachers who suffer from discrimination is impressing.

According to the new survey approximately 50% of teachers in the UK are bullied by pupils and their parents. In the survey by NASUWT of more than 1300 teachers, more than half of them said they received threatening or abusive comments from both pupils and parents. The NASUWT survey states that 79% of abuse came from Facebook with almost a third of all teachers reporting to having seen a video of them posted online. Chris Keates, the general secretary of NASUWT said there should be a “zero tolerance approach” towards online abuse. Keates added, however, that only 28% of teachers said their school had an internet policy that makes specific reference to protecting staff from abuse by social media.

The statistics shows that the number of abusing online comments and posts has grown for 7% last year. “Senior leaders in school need more training in dealing with these issues, particularly where they do not have a comprehensive understanding of the way in which social media operates.” say the teachers.


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