Half of the people carry gay-gene


Scientists suggest that gay-gene can be transmitted by inheritance.
Therefore, according to research half of the people carry gay-gene.

As the study postulates, homosexuality has remained predominant throughout the human existence to the present day.

At the Ilia State University of Georgia Giorgi Chaladze led experiment how such genes can be transmitted to children, taking into account that gays less likely to become a biological fathers.

Due to the study, homosexuals likely to come from large families. Researchers attributed it with an increase of the rate of female relatives.

Chaladze’s team also found that for maintenance the stable rate of homosexuality in large populations, “half of the male and female population would need to carry genes affecting sexuality”.

“The trend of female family members of homosexual men to have more offspring can help explain the persistence of homosexuality, if we also consider that those males who have such genes are not always homosexuals,” said Chaladze.

The study is actual that aims to prove that homosexuality is genetic.


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