Man was terribly beaten for ‘wearing make up and a dress’


A young man was extremely beaten by three strangers for dressing in a dress and make up.

Isaac Keatinge published a picture of his bloody face on Facebook, saying that he was targeted just because of his clothes.

Keatinge said the attack happened, when he made his way home from a party in Sydney.

“I was confronted by some straight men who didn’t appreciate the gorgeous gown or make up I was wearing,” wrote the man.

“After cruel words, things escalated physically. I was pushed and punched rather severely.”

He says that no one helped him.

“At some point I stumbled back towards the party and some people outside saw me when I rounded the corner. The whole group was of course upset, but took me immediately to the ED at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital”.

Keatinge sustained bruises and a cut on his forehead so deep that it required fifteen stitches.

“The doctors and nurses were amazing and stitched me up, despite the fact my forehead was broken open to my skull. Almost went into Plastic for nerve care but thankfully around my eye area is just some bruising.

Keatinge said that he was transferred to the amount of support he has received, which he described as “quite overwhelming, but it’s so pleasant to feel.” He also went to the police station to make an official statement.

It turned out that this was not the first attack of the week. The man had all the necessary assistance. The search for the bandits are still carried.


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