New dating app POZ wants to help people living with HIV find love

<> on September 20, 2013 in Berlin, Germany.

The new application is directed entirely on persons living with HIV and who is looking for love.

Created by Andrew Goyvaerts, POZ was started in the end of March to help singletons orient in dating world without facing stigma about their status.

“After being diagnosed with HIV in 2013 I found stigma and the opinions of others to be the hardest part of moving on with life,” Andrew told.

Goyvaerts said that he was inspired to invent the app after suffering abuse from other applications and the higher price app, directed at persons living with HIV.

He also complained that the hardest part of using the “main app of datings” was rejected because of his HIV status.

“We all feel that little bit of a bruised ego if we get turned down because we’re not someone’s type or because of our looks but being turned down because I’m positive bruised me in a way I have never felt before,” Andrew explained.

But the creator is not sure if this is a safe application for those who want to keep their status private.

“It’s a minority within a minority and you’re limiting yourself… you might miss out on that crazy idea, there’s one special person out there for you,” he said.


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