UK must do more to support LGBT rights globally, report suggests


The report says more action is needed to deal with serious violations of LGBT rights around the world.

The UK government should do more to support LGBT rights around the world, a report released today by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Global LGBT Rights (LGBT APPG) said.

After investigating the global challenges of the LGBT community, lasting several months, the report calls for more attention on the issue from across the UK – from the government, NGOs and business.

The group – which is supported by more than 100 deputies and peers across the political parties – have initiated a major investigation into violations of LGBT rights in order to address the continuing many people still have to face.

75 countries currently criminalize same-sex activity between adults, which accounts for an incredible 2.9 billion people worldwide ( it’s 40 percent of the world’s population). A staggering 400 million people currently live in accordance with the laws that punish same-sex sexual activity with the death penalty.

The report states: “Lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people continue to face widespread criminalisation, violence, discrimination and exclusion across the world. Despite progress in many parts of the world, serious human rights violations remain a feature of the lives of LGBT people. Speaking out about these abuses is important – but condemning is not enough. We need to ensure that the stances taken in the UK, whether by the government, politicians, civil society or businesses are effective, and also that interventions are not counter-productive”.

Despite the fact that the government has shown “clear commitment” to supporting LGBT people’s rights around the world, the report argues that a more practical support is needed, along with an increase in funding of LGBT groups.


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