The clip of girls from “Fifth Harmony” touched not only the hearts of the gay audience


The video of American girls-group “Fifth Harmony” with rapper composition of Ty $ “Work from Home” attracted the attention of the gay audience. So, Gaystarnews.Com has counted nearly 15 hottest moments that can excite not only the gay heart …

And what a chorus? Probably, everyone is willing to perform it for her boyfriend: “I know that you are always in the night shift, but I do not like the lonely nights, I do not need to explain that you, my baby, home Head …”

This group is already known in America. Many young people download their songs in iTunes, vote in geneous ratings and attend concerts.

But the clip became a sensation. It was loaded on almost all gay blogs and gay news.

Gaystarnews assures that after this video is impossible not to sweat, as if he worked alongside these muscular guys. Carried out, so to speak, homework. The success of the video is clear – second place in the Global Top 50 music strimingovogo service “Spotify” and almost 200 million views on Youtube in less than a month and a half.


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