Activists in Kenya are fighting for their rights in High Court


A case has been filed with Kenya’s High Court aimed at striking down the country’s ban on same-sex relationships. Now gay people in Kenya can face with 14-year imprisonment just for being gay. The penal code does not specifically ban lesbian sex – but in 2010 the country’s Prime Minister ordered police to start arresting women too. But LGBT activists have today filed a challenge aimed at smacking down the law.

Eric Gitari of the National Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission filed the case with the country’s High Court, claiming that the penal code violates constitutional rights to equality, dignity and privacy.
It contends: “Those laws degrade the inherent dignity of affected individuals by outlawing their most private and intimate means of self-expression.”

The leader said that treating people differently eroded freedom and then “bad things happen” – but Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta told President Obama that while the US and Kenya agree on a lot, there are some things that cultures or societies “just don’t accept”.


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