British intelligence agency apologized for the homophobic policies of the past


The head of Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters, Robert Hannigan apologized to homosexuals because a long time they discriminated against in the security services, reports BBC.

According Hannigan, until the 1990s, members of the LGBT community have limited career opportunities, because of what the authorities have lost the brilliant professionals.

“The fact that it was common practice for decades, reflects the inherent those days intolerance and pressure of the Cold War, however, this does not change the mistakes, and we have to apologize for it,” – said Hennigen, speaking at a meeting of Stonewall human rights group.

According to him, capable of gay soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, but many of them still do not dare to openly admit their orientation.

Hannigan reminded the audience about the fate of the British mathematician Alan Turing, who was able to crack the German cryptographic system during the Second World War, but was later dismissed from service because of his homosexuality and was humiliating procedure of chemical castration.


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