Every fourth man simulates orgasm


Accepted that only women simulate an orgasm. But the statistics suggests otherwise. According to Canadian researchers, about 25% of all men pretend in bed as well.

The researchers interviewed 230 men aged 18-29 years. It turned out that many of the respondents simulated orgasm at least once during the current relationship. Some of the participants admitted that almost every fourth simulated orgasm.

The reasons for this behavior are, as a rule, a little sexual experience or a bad choice of partner.

Interestingly, men who appreciate a sexual partner, simulate simultaneous orgasm – to raise self-esteem lover. But 10 years ago, only 19% of men simulated orgasm, according to the study of English sociologists.

Study author Erin Fallis and her fellow researchers asked 84 married or cohabiting Canadian couples to fill out forms regarding their own and their partners’ sexual satisfaction. Think of a rather raunchy version of ITV game show Mr and Mrs, sans Phillip Schofield, and you’ll get the rough idea.

The results showed that both men and women were accurate in perceiving their partners’ levels of sexual satisfaction, revealing a high amount of sexual communication between partners.

And for those what weren’t very good at reading their partner’s sexual satisfaction, they conversely scored high on the emotion recognition tests where they were showed photos of people’s eyes and had to guess which emotion was being conveyed.


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