Imagine A World Without Gays


What’s wrong? What is that? Why is a billboard saying “Imagine London Without Gays”. Is it anti-gay rebellion? This question appeared because of the emerging of the billboard without any explanations on the main street of London.

It seems rather strange ,that such kind of advertisement appears directly by the UK LGBTI charity Stonewall’s office in Waterloo.

Then Londoners began to get rather odd propositions for a Facebook page. They were considerate with such theme: “Imagine A World Without Gays”. These announcement contains to a website, Imagine A World Without Gays.

There is no more such advertisements in the whole London. People think that it is one in a such big city, because the mass media concentrated their attention on this one. But we can just guess why such kind of the advertisement appeared exactly on that place.

This article got various thoughts. One part of people thinks that it is a pro-gay campaign. The other part of the humanity thinks that it is a provocation. Perhaps it is true. Or it is anti-gay rebellion. Who knows?


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