Scientists have proven once again that homosexuality does not affect the parent child


The official journal of the American Society of age and behavioral pediatrics The Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics has published a new scientific study in which children from heterosexual families compared with their peers who were raised by same-sex parents.

The study involved children who are gay families raised from birth. The authors did not find different from their peers from heterosexual families – neither physically nor psychologically health. Thus, the scientists concluded that the orientation of parents does not affect the child’s personality.

The project What We Know Faculty of Law at Columbia University has 73 scientific published works, which are the same conclusion. To date, there is no serious scientific study published in the peer-reviewed journal, which would indicate that homosexual parents have a negative effect on the child.

Summarizing these findings, the project director of What We Know Nathaniel Frank said that “the debate on the impact of gay parents on the child’s personality can be regarded as complete. Equality won.”


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