“Super gonorrhea” – a new challenge for UK gay men


As before fleeing doctors, the distribution of “super-gonorrhea” among homosexuals in the UK goes at a rate that can end the epidemic. The only effective way to deal with the problem, according to experts, is the promotion of safe sex.

“Super gonorrhea” becomes a cause of infertility, cause serious diseases of the pelvic organs, and even passed to newborns during pregnancy. Recently, gonorrhea strain resistant to common antibiotics, are increasingly diagnosed in homosexuals.

The first outbreak of the disease was recorded in early 2015 in Leeds, the gay community, a town in northern England, near Manchester. The problem is that the spread of gonorrhea among gay men is much faster than expected, due to their propensity to frequent change of sexual partners. 34 cases of “super-gonorrhea” were found in laboratory tests in the West Midlands, London and the South of England, according to GSN.

Discovered by a strain of bacteria resistant to azithromycin, used together with ceftriaxone for treatment of gonorrhea. The strain is highly contagious. Partners 22 Media strain “super gonorrhea” in 94% of cases were infected.

The problem lies in the fact that gonorrhea is often asymptomatic. And it is easy to pick up – through unprotected anal or oral sex.


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